SMALKI is an event where students showcase their projects to the school community and the public. These events can be carried out individually or in groups, and the primary objective is to encourage communication between students and the society through art appreciation. This helps in developing a creative and innovative mindset among students while also fostering a connection with their community.

The exhibited products are not just appreciated for their artistic value but also have educational and commercial value. This means that the products can be sold to generate profits for the students. SMALKI Exhibition is an excellent platform to showcase a wide range of talents and skills, from crafts and cultural arts to fashion designing, student research, and broadcasting.

SMALKI exhibition was held on June 25, 2022, with the theme “Prepare Your Future through Your Experience”. This exhibition was opened by Mr. Dasep Rosada Muharam, S.Pd.I, the Principal of SMAIT Al Haraki, and Mrs. Sri Puji Lestari, the Chairman of the Parents Committee. The exhibition aimed to display the results of the students’ learning projects for one year. The event included a range of activities, including student research, workshops, entrepreneurship learning, cultural arts, fashion designing, broadcasting, and Sociopreneur.

The student research projects displayed at the exhibition included creating hand sanitizer from betel leaves, hand washing soap from used cooking oil, and Pempek from sorghum flour. These projects showcased the students’ creativity and innovative ideas while also demonstrating their ability to research and develop useful products.

The crafts and cultural arts projects displayed included pottery, paintings, and cellphone cases with selected designs. These projects displayed the students’ artistic abilities while also showcasing the cultural diversity of the community. Exhibitions such as these provide a platform for students to showcase their creative talents and express themselves through art.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was the Fashion Show, where students showcased their designs in the form of modern Muslim clothing with a heritage theme. It was an impressive display of creativity, with each student presenting their own unique take on the theme. Not only did they present their designs, but they also explained the philosophy behind them and the details of the clothes they designed. This provided a great opportunity for the students to practice their public speaking skills and showcase their knowledge.

Another impressive display was the Smalki Cinema, a collection of projects on Broadcasting learning in the form of short films with themes about life and twists and turns at school. The films showcased conflicts in friendship, raids at school, and other relatable scenarios that students face in their everyday lives. It was interesting to see how the students used their creativity to tell compelling stories through film.

The Sociopreneur activity aimed to help develop several Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Depok City. The students worked hard to promote the products of five MSMEs, including cashew nuts, aremie, various kinds of typical Depok souvenirs from starfruit, Tradjumas batik, and Muslimah salon vouchers. This was a great opportunity for the students to apply their entrepreneurship skills in a real-world setting and to contribute to the development of their community.

The exhibition was a success, with students, teachers, and parents enjoying the various displays and projects. It was a great opportunity for the students to showcase their talents and creativity and to apply what they had learned in their various subjects. It was also an excellent opportunity for the school to connect with the community and showcase the great work that they are doing.

In conclusion, the exhibition held by SMAIT Al Haraki in June 2022 was an impressive showcase of the students’ creativity, talent, and hard work. The various displays and projects highlighted the students’ learning in various subjects, including entrepreneurship, broadcasting, cultural arts, and fashion design. The exhibition provided a great opportunity for the students to apply what they had learned in a real-world setting, showcase their talents and creativity, and contribute to the development of their community. It was also a great opportunity for the school to connect with the community and showcase the great work that they are doing. Overall, the exhibition was a success and a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students and teachers at SMAIT Al Haraki.

Edited and enhanced by Nouvel Akbar, S.Pd.

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