SMAIT Al Haraki Presents FUNTASTIC: A Journey of Confidence and Language Exploration

SMAIT Al Haraki Presents FUNTASTIC: A Journey of Confidence and Language Exploration

SMAIT Al Haraki, a beacon of educational excellence, is set to captivate students with its upcoming FUNTASTIC, themed “Explore the World Through Language”. This event was conducted on Thursday, November 16, 2023, from 07:30 to 15:30 at SMAIT Al Haraki, and this event aims to boost students’ confidence and sense of responsibility in using English for effective communication.

To create an immersive language experience, SMAIT Al Haraki has invited Mr. Philip Ava Ang, an English Native Speaker from America, to engage with students. Enthusiastically, students will interact with Mr. Philip during five lively sessions, delving into warm and engaging topics.

The event starts with spirited discussions on career preparation as students eagerly share their career aspirations and inquire about professions susceptible to automation. In the financial management session, students gain valuable insights into effective financial planning, learning how individuals in America carefully plan their careers and manage finances.

Each session offers students a unique opportunity to meet and learn from Mr. Philip, known for his friendliness and affinity with children. As a heartfelt farewell, Mr. Philip joins students in a basketball game, creating lasting memories and forging a close bond.

“We believe that by directly exposing students to native speakers, we can build their confidence in communicating effectively in English,” the Head of Public Relations at SMAIT Al Haraki emphasised.

FUNTASTIC underscores SMAIT Al Haraki’s commitment to providing a holistic educational experience. The institution aspires to develop well-rounded, academically competent, culturally aware, and linguistically adept individuals.

The event is an educational endeavour celebrating cultural exchange and language proficiency. SMAIT Al Haraki looks forward to future initiatives that enrich students’ learning journey and contribute to their personal and academic growth.